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recent DLAs not yet on www.debian.org


the following recent DLAs are missing on www.debian.org currently:

Mar 02 Markus Koschany       [DLA 1702-1] advancecomp security update
Mar 01 Markus Koschany       [DLA 1701-1] openssl security update
Mar 01 Markus Koschany       [DLA 1696-1] ceph security update
Feb 28 Thorsten Alteholz     [DLA 1697-1] bind9 security updat
Feb 27 Thorsten Alteholz     [DLA 1693-1] gpac security update
Feb 26 Thorsten Alteholz     [DLA 1691-1] exiv2 security update
Feb 25 Thorsten Alteholz     [DLA 1689-1] elfutils security update
Feb 25 Bastian Blank         [DLA 1688-1] waagent update
Feb 20 Abhijith PA           [DLA 1685-1] drupal7 security update
Feb 19 Emilio Pozuelo Monfo  [DLA 1684-1] systemd security update
Feb 19 Emilio Pozuelo Monfo  [DLA 1683-1] rdesktop security update
Feb 18 Thorsten Alteholz     [DLA 1682-1] uriparser security update

It would be really great if they could be added, following the instructions on

If you are a paid contributor, this is paid work too, and expected to be done 
as part of releasing DLAs.

Besides these, we also have 25 older DLAs missing on www.d.o which
someone will need to clean up eventually. I'd just would be glad if that
backlog wouldnt grow further.

And shouldnt the instructions be clear/complete enough, we need to fix those.


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