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firmware-nonfree update

Hi Ben,

I have prepared an update for CVE-2018-5383/firmware-nonfree by backporting the
fixed firmware from the upstream repo that I could find. See my two commits in:


I built the packages and compared one of the non-affected packages (qlogic) and
only the changelog has changed. Comparing atheros, the two drivers are updated,
and for intel some of the files are updated. However I see that for intel there
are some drivers that we don't ship in that version of firmware-nonfree, e.g.
ibt-{17,18}-*. For those, I wonder if we should update and ship them. If there's
any user with that hardware, they would need a firmware update I suppose. (It
may be unlikely for old suites to have users with new hardware, however it's
possible and users that don't have it will be unaffected by the new firmware, so
it wouldn't hurt to ship it.)

My branch is for jessie but I can prepare it for stretch too if you think that's
worth it.


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