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Re: tiff

.. follow up of [🔎] 20190212073152.GA2261@behemoth.owl.eu.com.local

otherwise tests went fine.

one more comment:

> +  * Non-maintainer upload by the LTS Team.
> +  * Fix CVE-2018-19210: NULL pointer dereference
> +    There is a NULL pointer dereference in the TIFFWriteDirectorySec function
> +    in tif_dirwrite.c that will lead to a denial of service attack, as
> +    demonstrated by tiffset.
> +  * Fix CVE-2018-17000: NULL pointer dereference
> +    A NULL pointer dereference in the function _TIFFmemcmp at tif_unix.c (called
> +    from TIFFWriteDirectoryTagTransferfunction) allows an attacker
> +    to cause a denial-of-service through a crafted tiff file. This vulnerability
> +    can be triggered by the executable tiffcp.

This patch is actually the one for CVE-2019-7663, which happens to also
fix CVE-2018-17000 (not confirmed by upstream yet?). I suggest to mention
CVE-2019-7663 here. :)



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