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Re: faad2 and systemd: (semi)-automaticly unclaimed after 2 weeks of inactivity

On 2019-02-11 10:57:20, Holger Levsen wrote:
> hi,
> I've just unclaimed faad2 and systemd as the last documented activity on these
> packages was more than two weeks ago...
> If you intend to continue working on them, please just reclaim them and
> update the note.

Hehe... "arroseur arrosé" as they say in french. First time I'm affected
by the auto-unclaimer, and I must say it's fair: I *have* been stalled
on that one without progress for even more than two weeks now. The only
reason why I still had it claimed is that I claimed it for *other* CVEs
(DLA 1639-1) and didn't unclaim it when I was finished.

The remaining work there dates back from November 2018, for those who
are curious and tempted to give it a shot. I detailed part of the work I
did on the tmpfiles.c stuff in message:


Long story short: the patch is too invasive to backport, so the next
step is to try a backport of the entire tmpfiles.c file. It might sound
crazy, but the individual systemd files like those are fairly well
enclosed. The trick will be to work around new APIs and macros that are
used in the new code, as opposed to properly cherry-picking the zillions
of tiny and large patches applied across the history of that file to
properly fix the bug.


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