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Re: [SECURITY] [DLA 1664-1] golang security update

On 2019-02-06 23:42:12, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Hi Antoine,
>> all golang Debian packages are (as elsewhere) statically compiled
>> and linked so we'd need to rebuild all the rdeps
> Hm. Can we avoid /all/ the rdeps? I mean, grep the rdeps for ones
> that use this library?

Yeah, that's what I was implying, sorry if that was unclear... I'm not
actually sure how that works. I assume it's a bunch of binNMUs, but we
first need to figure out which packages actually use that specific lib.

Maintaining golang security update is really tricky.. :/ I wish we could
just dynamically link everything in Debian, but I'm afraid that's heresy
(even if technically possible, apparently) in Golang circles...


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