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Re: buffer overflow vulnerability in netmask 2.3.12

On 2019-02-06 01:59:58, Guilhem Moulin wrote:
> Dear LTS team,

Hi Guilhem!

> A buffer overflow vulnerability was recently found in the netmask
> package (a small utility that helps determining network masks):
>     https://github.com/tlby/netmask/issues/3
> The Security Team argued that the version in stretch (2.4.3-1) doesn't
> warrant a DSA as the program is built with hardening options enabled
> (thus turning the buffer overflow vulnerability into an harmless clash),
> but that's not the case for the version in jessie (2.3.12), so I guess
> it makes sense to upload a +deb8u1.


> I attach a debdiff with a trivial fix backported from 2.4.4, more
> specifically the ‘errors.c’ part of
>     https://github.com/tlby/netmask/commit/29a9c239bd1008363f5b34ffd6c2cef906f3660c
> For convenience, you can also find the source package at
>     dget -x https://people.debian.org/~guilhem/tmp/netmask_2.3.12+deb8u1.dsc
> Notes:
>  * I only started maintaining this package after jessie was frozen, but
>    the previous maintainer is no longer active and I thus took the
>    liberty to update the ‘Maintainer’ field in d/control accordingly.

While this is usually a superfluous change, I think that in this case it
makes sense so we know who to talk with the next time a problem happens
(which will hopefully be never :).

>  * Before 2.4.2-1 the package was (incorrectly) native, so in this
>    jessie-security package I applied the fix directly to the upstream
>    source rather than going via a patch series.
>  * Upstream hasn't yet filed a CVE for this issue; I forwarded jmm's
>    instructions regarding this.

Sorry, forwarded where? Did I miss something?

Ideally, we would have at least one Debian-specific tracking number if
we don't have a CVE. A bug in the BTS would do, for example. I'd be
happy to do that administrativa if you wish.


The patch otherwise looks sound and should be uploaded.

I believe the next step is to:

 1. open a bug report in the BTS
 2. mention it in the changelog
 3. upload the package to security-master
 4. issue a DLA when the package is accepted

I'd be happy, like anyone else in the LTS team I'm sure, to take on any
or all of those tasks, at your discretion.


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