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Re: automating process for publishing DLAs on the website

I'm looking at the update process for DLAs on the main website again. In
#859122, I've mentioned that I have, again, updated the MR to include
all DLAs up to DLA-1657-1. The www team folks tell me they will review
that this weekend.

But that mass-import process is kind of clunky: every time I need to
download the entire archive, extract it, parse every email, and add the
diff. It's slow and error prone and not automated, of course.

So I'm bringing back the topic of how we should automate this.

If I remember correctly, the current proposal is to add this as part of
the workflow for LTS developers: when you send the announcement on the
list, you also send a merge request on the website. This would get
reviewed and merged by another LTS developer with access to the webwml


At least me and Holger have those accesses for now, and I would suggest
people who do regular frontdesk work could make sure those MR are
reviewed and merged in a timely manner as well.

Would that work for everyone here?

If so, we can *already* start with that process, which would actually
look like this.

One time setup:

    git clone https://salsa.debian.org/webmaster-team/webwml
    cd webwml
    salsa fork

Each time there's a new DLA:

    ./bin/gen-DLA --save $CHANGES # correctly claim the DLA
    $EDITOR DLA-XXXX-Y # make sure the text is okay, like you normally
                       # do before the email gets sent
    mutt -H DLA-XXXX-Y # send the email
    cd ~/src/webwml/english/security
    git checkout -b DLA-XXXX-Y
    ./parse-dla.pl ~-/DLA-XXXX-Y
    git add 2019/DLA-XXX-Y*
    $EDITOR 2019/DLA-XXXX-Y* # make sure everything looks good
    git add 2019/DLA-XXX-Y*    
    git commit -m'DLA-XXXX-Y advisory'
    git push -u origin
    salsa mr

(Note: that "salsa" command is a new one shipped with devscripts. I only
read the manpage and didn't actually test that. :) Unfortunately, once
the MR is created, there's no magic command to merge it for
reviewers... Seems like this needs to be done through the web

I'd be happy if someone sat down and actually tested that procedure.

The alternative, of course, is to setup "something" that would
automatically parse emails to debian-lts-announce@l.d.o but I suspect
that could be much more brittle than a manual operation like the above,
even if it means slightly more work.

Thank you for your attention.


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