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I am currently working on pdns[1] and pdns-recursor's[2] security issues
and which are marked as no-DSA, postponed. Last month I picked it up as
I had some time remaining. Upstream patch is available for the remaining
issues(CVE-2018-10851, CVE-2018-14644). Both patches contain C++11
specific code and I was only able to port CVE-2018-14644. In
CVE-2018-10851 I used 'boost' library's smart pointers to deal with the
default C++11 smart pointers, but I am not quite there. I was wondering
whether anyone here can _help_ me with it. I don't want to spend anymore
time in it as it is not so popular one and it has no-DSA postponed

PS: I tried to build with CXXFLAGS += -std=c++11 too.

Abhijith PA

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