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(E)LTS report for November


In November, I spent 38h in Debian LTS, on the following tasks:

Finished the rustc and cargo bootstrap, which allowed to update firefox-esr and
thunderbird. There was a problem with rustc on i386, which I investigated and
finally fixed, allowing firefox-esr/thunderbird to build there too. There was
also a problem with llvm-toolchain-4.0 on armel (needed to build rustc) which I
investigated and prepared a fix on gcc for the problem.

Did a libdatetime-timezone-perl update for the new tzdata
mariadb-10.0 update
openjdk-7 update
harfbuzz investigation
Helped with a perl update
Started to look at the samba issues

For ELTS, I spent 6 hours on:

- tzdata and libdatetime-timezone-perl updates
- openjdk-7 update
- frontdesk and triaging


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