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Re: Addressing FreeRDP security issues in Debian jessie (and stretch)

Hi Moritz,

On  Mo 10 Dez 2018 22:30:34 CET, Moritz Mühlenhoff wrote:

On Mon, Dec 10, 2018 at 05:44:51PM +0000, Mike Gabriel wrote:

I'd like to discuss the possible pathways for getting FreeRDP fixed in
Debian jessie LTS (and Debian stretch, too).

debian-security@ldo is not the proper contact address, I've fixed
the recipient list.

Ok. Thanks.

Last week I talked to Bernhard Miklautz (one of the FreeRDP upsteam
maintainers and the actual packager of FreeRDPv2 in Debian).

1. Looking at fixing FreeRDP v1.1 in jessie / stretch

He sketched up the following pathway for getting freerdp (v1.1) fixed in
Debian jessie (and stretch):

What is the impact/scope of the individual issues? The individual commit
messages are quite scarce. Are these exploitable by the server or
a connecting client or vice versa?

First of all, FreeRDP in jessie/stretch never built the FreeRDP Server code as it was to immature at that time.

So, let's assume that FreeRDP in jessie/stretch only acts as a client against a malign server.

* CVE-2018-8786: client affected, if a malign server sends over a malign bitmap

* CVE-2018-8789: unclear to me, issue in WinPR (which is the FreeRDP toolbox, sloppily spoken, immitating
    Windows API)

* CVE-2018-8787: client affected, if a malign server sends over a malign bitmap * CVE-2018-8788: client affected, if a malign server uses NScoded and sends over a malign bitmap

From my understanding the potential remote code executions that are mentioned in the CVE descriptions are triggered by a malign server and the code executions then happen on the client side.

I have Cc:ed Bernhard so that he can negate or confirm my above estimations (as I am not an expert for FreeRDP upstream code).


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