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Re: My Debian LTS activities in September 2018

(Resending since archive was not working. Sorry for the noise)

El 10/10/18 a las 09:06, Santiago R.R. escribió:
> Hi,
> The last month of September I spent four hours only from the 32 I had
> available to work on Debian LTS under the Freexian initiative:
> * openssh: released [DLA 1500-2] to fix a regression from my previous
>   upload. Thanks to Salvatore.
> * Checked for DNS(SEC)-related packages that required to be updated for
>   the upcoming DNS Root Key Signing Key (KSK) rollover. I released then
>   [DLA 1532-1] for dnsmasq[1], and plan to upload a dnsruby update today.
> [1] Along with the dnsmasq update, I wanted to fix the no-dsa
> CVE-2017-15107 but I have been able to finish yet. The two upstream
> patches that solve it in the latest version are not enough. I think I have
> I patch for stretch, and still need to work on jessie.
> I apologize for not spending all of my hours and all the delays. Real life
> have been more complex than I expected. Things will be much simpler since
> the next week.
> Thanks for using and contributing to Debian LTS,
> Santiago

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