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LTS/ELTS Report for August 2018

For August I spent 13 hours on the following:

- [LTS] tomcat8: CVE-2018-1336, CVE-2018-8034, CVE-2018-8037
- [ELTS] ghostscript: started a small amount of work, which I aborted
  following the announcement that it was end of life for wheezy
- [LTS] ant: Review TEMP-0904191-9063D5 update by Abhijith PA
- [LTS] mutt: multiple issues (finished the LTS part of the work begun
  in July)
- [LTS] graphicsmagick: CVE-2018-5685, CVE-2018-6799, CVE-2018-9018,
  build/upload release, publish DLA
- [LTS/ELTS] php5: CVE-2018-14851, CVE-2018-14883, CVE-2018-14884



Roberto C. Sánchez

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