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Getting phpldapadmin (CVE-2018-12869) fixed


today I have looked into fixing CVE-2018-12689 for phpldapadmin. The code is full of potential passages that might actually trigger the exploit behind CVE-2018-12689. This surely needs some deeper investigation. I also tried to reproduce the exploit for CVE-2018-12689 against a phpldapadmin as found in jessie, but failed. I have contacted the exploit author with the hope of getting more details.

Unfortunately, I can only continue working on this when back from vacation (13th Aug). I will remove my name from the package in dla-needed.txt and if noone else has picked it up until then, I will continue my work that I already started today.

The other open issue for phpldapadmin (no-dsa, actually) CVE-2017-11107 is easy to fix (Ubuntu has a patch for it).


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