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June Report


Here is my (E)LTS report for June. Sorry for the delay.


June 2018 was my 22nd month as a payed Debian LTS contributor.

I was allocated 23.75 hours. I have spent 4.25h of them in the following

* Started to work on Jetty. Take a look at CVE-2018-12538, not affected.
  Take a look at CVE-2018-12536. Fix hard to find, hard to reproduce.
  I'm still working on it and will try to produce a patch once I've
  managed to reproduce the issue.

* Finish my work on lame: Submit jessie pu and upload.


June 2018 was my 1st month as a payed Debian ELTS contributor.

I was allocated 7h. I have spent all of them in the following tasks:

* Fix issues in published ELTS advisories.

* Start to work on Jetty, take a look at CVE-2018-12538 in Wheezy (not
  affected). CVE-2018-12536 is not going to affect Wheezy, but that is
  still to be confirmed.

* Finish my work on libming. Finish to prepare, test and upload
  1:0.4.4-1.1+deb7u10. This updates includes my patches for CVE-2018-11226,
  CVE-2018-11225, CVE-2018-11095 and CVE-2018-11100.

* Finish my work on lame. Backport, test & upload Jessie update.

Remaining hours

Last months was very busy and I did not manage to use all my hours. I do
not expect to have that much spare time this month neither, so I'd like
to return 10h (out of the 19.5 remaining hours) to the pool.

Best Regards,

[0] https://lists.debian.org/debian-lts/2018/05/msg00039.html

             Hugo Lefeuvre (hle)    |    www.owl.eu.com
4096/ 9C4F C8BF A4B0 8FC5 48EB 56B8 1962 765B B9A8 BACA

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