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Re: Thunderbird 52.9.0 for LTS?

Hi Carsten!

On 07/07/18 10:17, Carsten Schoenert wrote:
> Hello Emilio,
> in the past I've also built the Thunderbird packages for
> jessie(-security) suite which is now covered by LTS.
> I can easily rebuild and upload the packages for jessie and Thunderbird
> now too but I'm not familiar with the needed steps and things inside the
> LTS team workflow. Guido gave me some hints but I guess it better to ask
> and clarify.
> I'm preparing right now the packages for stretch-security and will
> upload them over the weekend to security. So do you have an opinion on
> how to continue with Thunderbird for jessie-security? I'm fine if you
> want to do the packages for LTS on your own, the git tree for
> thunderbird is up to date for debian/sid.

Since I had done the previous updates for wheezy, I did this one for jessie
since it's now LTS. The update is ready, I'm just waiting for the stretch update
so that we don't end with a higher version in jessie if that gets delayed. I
will push the changes to the jessie branch when I upload it.

For future updates, if you want to prepare them that would be fine. If you also
want to test and release them that's cool too. The final step is to announce
them (for which you need to grab a DLA number). I can explain you the steps to
do that, or again I or someone from the team could do it, as you prefer.


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