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Re: mercurial new test packages

On 2018-06-28 23:04:59, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Hey Antoine,
>> I am not sure why the test suite fails nor why the output varies from
>> one build to the next. Once a package is built, however, it passes the
>> test suite reliably.
> That may be, but as we only (*) really care about the package building
> reliably, *subsequent* runs of the testsuite passing or failing is
> somewhat of a distraction AUIU?
>  (*) Not really, but you know what I mean..

Sure. I guess I see this from the perspective of "does the actual fix
work or not" as well. ;) My primary concern is to not introduce new
regressions in the code or security issues. I believe the order reversal
is not a user-visible regression...

>> > My gut tells me that this is non-deterministic filesystem ordering..
> Are you using btrfs?


> That is, "more random" (hah) than ext[234]. You could also confirm
> with
>   https://sources.debian.org/src/disorderfs/0.5.3-2/disorderfs.1.txt/#L86-L114

I'll try that next week I guess.


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