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Re: PHP 5.6 LTS support


Am 14.06.2018 um 22:25 schrieb Paul Allen:
> Will Debian be providing security patches for PHP 5.6 in Jessie past
> it's EOL this coming December? I'm not familiar with how patches are
> created for PHP versions that are EOL'd by upstream, though it seems
> like they're often, if not always, backported from current versions of
> PHP. This time around however PHP 5 will be completely ended and it
> seems there are enough differences with PHP 7 to prevent backporting
> many fixes to 5.6.
> Thanks!

We intend to provide security support for PHP 5 in Jessie until June 30
2020. Although we cannot foresee all possible issues in advance, we
expect them to be in the same range as in Wheezy. There were also some
bugs in PHP 7 that never affected our PHP 5 versions. This has to be
evaluated on a case-by-case basis again.



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