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My Debian LTS activities in April 2018


On April 2018 I got assigned eight hours to work on Debian LTS by the Freexian
initiative. It was more ruby fun:

* After having some feedback (thanks to Gabriel Filion!), I finished the work
  on ruby1.9.1 and issued [DLA 1358-1].
* Triaged missing issues in ruby1.8, and issued the corresponding [DLA 1359-1].
* Worked on jessie's ruby2.1 and pushed the proposed changes to the
  jessie-security-wip git branch in https://salsa.debian.org/ruby-team/ruby/
  for maintainer and security team review.
  The relating issues have been already covered by three DLAs in ruby1.8 and

  Additionally, I made the same work for ruby2.3 in stretch.

Thanks for using and contributing to Debian LTS!


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