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march report

I had 9.75 hours allocated in march and used all hours on the following.

 * frontdesk work: minor catchup at the beginning of the month

 * mercurial upload (DLA-1331-1), also fixed regression in the test
   suite, spotted by Chris Lamb (thanks!)

 * dovecot: tested the package provided by Thorsten Alteholz that lead
   to DLA 1333-1

 * openssl: (trivial) backport the patch from jessie to upload
   DLA-1330-1 after the test suite passes and some smoke tests

 * memcached: found the reproducor (thanks to upstream) and was able to
   reproduce the DOS condition in wheezy. backported the patch,
   confirmed the fix and uploaded as DLA-1329-1

Apologies for the unusually short report. :)

Drowning people
Sometimes die
Fighting their rescuers.
                        - Octavia Butler

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