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My Debian LTS activities in February 2018


In the previous month I resumed my activities in the LTS Team, under the
Freexian initiative. I got assigned eight hours. I was finally able to
work six and I am carrying the rest for this month.

* suricata: I checked CVE-2018-6794, but after reproducing it, I chose to
  follow security-team and tag it as no-dsa. It did not warrant a DLA by

* leptonlib: I released DLA-1302-1, that fixed CVE-2018-7186 and

* clamav: I am currently preparing an upload to fix CVE-2018-0202 and

Additionally, I checked some issues (in other debian suites) and filed bug
reports for a couple of recent security issues (Thanks to the Security
Team for their help).

Thanks for supporting Debian LTS!


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