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January Report

This month I had 10 hours, and I used all 10 hours on the following:

* Patch awsstats for CVE-2017-1000501, build, test, upload, and send DLA.
* Research issues in poco, wordpress, hibernate-validator,  etc.
* Diagnose and fix why I suddenly stopped receiving emails for
  debian-lts mailing list.
* Research exiv2 security patch for CVE-2017-17669 and sent upstream a patch, which
  upstream say they are happy with.
* Upload new version of ca-certificates.

Next month I plan to continue to exiv2 (unless somebody else wants to take over
at this point). It might also be worth spending time and assisting the security
team fix exiv2 (and maybe tiff too) in the other distributions.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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