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Re: About libreoffice CVE

On 28/11/17 21:47, Antoine Beaupré wrote:
> On 2017-11-24 11:58:42, Antoine Beaupré wrote:
>> On 2017-11-24 11:49:34, Antoine Beaupré wrote:
>>> I think I got a pretty good patchset now, attached.
>> Well well... debdiff clearly doesn't like libreoffice - it crashes with:
>> cp: erreur d'écriture de './libreoffice_3.5.4+dfsg2.orig-translations.tar.xz': Aucun espace disponible sur le périphérique
>> anyways, here are the two patches instead...
> So. After struggling with the libreoffice build suite, I am giving up on
> this package. The patches compile correctly now, but somehow the test
> suite fails somehow. I'm not sure I'm reading this right, but it sure
> seems to me that the linker *segfaults* while trying to link the test
> suite elements:
> R=/build/libreoffice-un1Aeq && S=$R/libreoffice-3.5.4+dfsg2 && O=$S/solver/unxlngx6.pro && W=$S/workdir/unxlngx6.pro &&  mkdir -p $W/LinkTarget/CppunitTest/ && x86_64-linux-gnu-g++ -shared -Wl,-z,noexecstack   -Wl,-z,defs  -Wl,-rpath-link,/lib:/usr/lib -Wl,-z,combreloc   -L$S/solenv/unxlngx6/lib -L$O/lib -L$S/solenv/unxlngx6/lib -L/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu  -Wl,--hash-style=gnu  -Wl,-Bsymbolic-functions  -Wl,-z,relro  $W/CxxObject/sw/qa/core/macros-test.o     -Wl,--start-group  -Wl,--end-group  -lcppunit    -lavmedialo -lbasegfxlo -lcomphelpgcc3 -luno_cppu -luno_cppuhelpergcc3 -ldrawinglayerlo -leditenglo -lfileacc -lforlo -lforuilo -li18nisolang1gcc3 -lmsfilterlo -looxlo -luno_sal -luno_salhelpergcc3 -lsaxlo -lsblo -lswlo -lsfxlo -lsotlo -lsvllo -lsvtlo -lsvxlo -lsvxcorelo -ltest -ltllo -ltklo -lucbhelper4gcc3 -lunotest -lutllo -lvbahelperlo -lvcllo -lxolo -o $W/LinkTarget/CppunitTest/libtest_sw_macros_test.so
> [ build LNK ] CppunitTest/libtest_sw_swdoc_test.so
> Segmentation fault (core dumped)
> Error: a unit test failed, please do one of:
> export DEBUGCPPUNIT=TRUE            # for exception catching
> export GDBCPPUNITTRACE="gdb --args" # for interactive debugging
> export VALGRIND=memcheck            # for memory checking
> and retry.
> make[1]: *** [/build/libreoffice-un1Aeq/libreoffice-3.5.4+dfsg2/workdir/unxlngx6.pro/CppunitTest/sc_ucalc.test] Error 1
> make[1]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
> TEMPFILE=/tmp/gbuild.YoVGYX &&  mv ${TEMPFILE} /build/libreoffice-un1Aeq/libreoffice-3.5.4+dfsg2/workdir/unxlngx6.pro/LinkTarget/CppunitTest/libtest_sw_macros_test.so.objectlist
> /build/libreoffice-un1Aeq/libreoffice-3.5.4+dfsg2/sc/qa/unit/filters-test.cxx:386:1: warning: unused parameter 'argc' [-Wunused-parameter]
> /build/libreoffice-un1Aeq/libreoffice-3.5.4+dfsg2/sc/qa/unit/filters-test.cxx:386:1: warning: unused parameter 'argv' [-Wunused-parameter]
> TEMPFILE=/tmp/gbuild.6wuD5d && cat  /build/libreoffice-un1Aeq/libreoffice-3.5.4+dfsg2/workdir/unxlngx6.pro/LinkTarget/Library/libsdlo.so.objectlist >> ${TEMPFILE} &&  mv ${TEMPFILE} /build/libreoffice-un1Aeq/libreoffice-3.5.4+dfsg2/workdir/unxlngx6.pro/LinkTarget/CppunitTest/libtest_sd_uimpress.so.objectlist
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/build/libreoffice-un1Aeq/libreoffice-3.5.4+dfsg2/tail_build'
> make: *** [source-env-and-recurse] Error 2
> I frankly don't know where to go from here, if anyone has any idea -
> please do take this on...

I'm giving this a try.


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