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CVE-2015-8216 (libav)

Hi Diego,

I've had a look at CVE-2015-8216 and couldn't reproduce it with the
sample. Further investigations convinced me that we can safely consider
libav v0.8.21 & v9.21 as unaffected.

Further explanations below.


The issue described by CVE-2015-8216 occurs in the ljpeg_decode_yuv_scan
function (MJPEG decoder). This function is used to decode MJPEG data with
YUV or GREY color space.

The vulnerable code is not present in libav 0.8.21 / 9.21 (and, as far as
I am aware, not in any libav version) and has been introduced starting by
465eb0eb48a14f5308d7fa52c388e7be7170cc3e[0] in ffmpeg. It adds support
for 9 to 16-Bit YUV and GREY lossless jpegs.

libav only supports 8-Bit GREY/YUV, so the affected feature is not even
present in libav and I think we can safely consider it as unaffected.

[0] http://git.videolan.org/?p=ffmpeg.git;a=commit;h=465eb0eb48a14f5308d7fa52c388e7be7170cc3e

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