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LTS Report for November 2017

For November I spent 32.5 hours on the following:

- Documentation on reproducing bugs with ASAN
- tomcat7: regression update
- graphicsmagick: CVE-2017-16669, CVE-2017-13134, CVE-2016-16547;
  prepared package update
- imagemagick: CVE-2017-16546; prepared package update
- tiff/tiff3: CVE-2017-9935; did research and reviewed Brian's patch
- php5: CVE-2017-16642, CVE-2017-14107; triage
- roundcube: CVE-2017-16651; prepared package update
- python2.6/python2.7: CVE-2017-1000158; prepared package updates
- ldns: CVE-2017-1000231, CVE-2017-1000232; prepared package update
- exiv2: CVE-2017-1000126, CVE-2017-1000127, CVE-2017-1000128; triage



Roberto C. Sánchez

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