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LTS Activity Report for October 2017

during October I worked 6.5 of the allocated 12 hours on LTS. During this
time I did the following:

* Triaged several qemu CVEs marking the unimportant ones as no-dsa
  and released DLA-1128-1 and DLA-1129-1 for qemu/qemu-kvm to fix
  CVE-2017-14167 and CVE-2017-15038.
* Tested the dnsmasq packages prepared by benh.
* Triaged several Xen issues and handled the communication with
* Collected the reproducers for the open vorbis issues and developed a
  fix for CVE-2017-14633¹².
* Released DLA-1153-1 to update thunderbird to the lastest upstream
I intend to catch up the remaining hours in November.
 -- Guido

¹: https://github.com/xiph/theora/pull/6
²: https://github.com/xiph/vorbis/pull/34

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