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Re: git-annex security issue backports

On Oct/26, Antoine Beaupré wrote:
> I have also backported joey's patch to jessie. It was simpler than
> wheezy because the code is much more similar. The resulting patch is
> available here:
> https://gitlab.com/anarcat/git-annex/commit/58daf6cbe4c1ea1cf71f3a538a0e27b5075c7265
> As expected, the patch Joey provided applies fine on stretch and
> should be applied and uploaded as-is. This time, it's in
> debian/patches because the package is non-native since stretch:
> https://gitlab.com/anarcat/git-annex/commit/115585df48dce16aa702663dab220de625b9de7d
> I can do the upload if you authorize me. The above are not *exactly*
> debdiffs, but they are pretty close, so I hope that's sufficient for
> review.

Thank you for backporting those.

For the jessie debdiff, please change the version to 5.20141125+deb8u1,
and target jessie-security. The stretch one looks good as is.

Make sure you build both with -sa, and then you can upload.



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