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LTS Activity report for September 2017

during September I worked 10 of the allocated 11 hours on LTS. During this
time I did the following:

* Prepared and tested an enigmail update to work with recent Thunderbird
* Released the DLAs for Thunderbird and tcpdump prepared in August
  (DLA-1087-1, DLA-1090-1)
* Fixed i386 build of Thunderbird resulting in an update (DLA-1087-2)
* Triaged several Xen issues and handled the communication with credativ
* Tested and Uploaded the tcpdump update prepared by Romain Francoise
* Prepared a samba update fixing 2 CVEs (DLA-1110-1)
* Prepared a debsecan update to cope with an URL change (DLA-1115-1)
* One week of LTS frontdesk
* Worked on a libvorbis update that does not yet have upstream fixes. 1
  CVE turned out to be in mp3splt so I asked Mitre for rejection (still
  pending). Another one does not affect Wheezy and Jessie and for 2 more
  I'm still looking for reproducers since the CVE info is to scarce to
  reproduce them.

 -- Guido

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