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Reproducing lame cves


I've had a look at the CVEs currently affecting lame in wheezy
but couldn't reproduce CVE-2017-9869, CVE-2017-9870, CVE-2017-9871
and CVE-2017-9872 on my system.

This is weird because the wheezy version is identical to the one
mentioned in the cve. I've asked agostino for more build informations
but didn't get any answer yet.

Could any of you try to reproduce them ?

The reproducers are online: CVE-2017-9869[0], CVE-2017-9870[1],
CVE-2017-9871[2], CVE-2017-9872[3].

You'll need to compile lame with asan, which is not available in the
wheezy version of gcc (I've compiled and tested it in a Jessie virtual
machine, if any of you have a better solution, I'd like to hear it).


[0] https://blogs.gentoo.org/ago/2017/06/17/lame-global-buffer-overflow-in-ii_step_one-layer2-c/
[1] https://blogs.gentoo.org/ago/2017/06/17/lame-global-buffer-overflow-in-iii_i_stereo-layer3-c/
[2] https://blogs.gentoo.org/ago/2017/06/17/lame-stack-based-buffer-overflow-in-iii_i_stereo-layer3-c/
[3] https://blogs.gentoo.org/ago/2017/06/17/lame-stack-based-buffer-overflow-in-iii_dequantize_sample-layer3-c/ 
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