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Re: Security support for chromium in jessie

On 2017-07-31 05:23, Michael Gilbert wrote:
Hi all,


I do not have enough free time to be able to keep up with security
updates to chromium in jessie (oldstable) any more.  It is technically
feasible to keep it working in a jessie environment, but each update
has been more and more work.  I expect that to continue.

What kind of work, approximately, does it require?

Anyway, if anyone would like to take this on (perhaps the LTS team?)
please do so.  You would need to either be a DD or have a regular
sponsor for it to be practical.  If that doesn't happen within about a
month, I'll announce that security support for chromium in jessie has
been discontinued.

This seems reasonable, if no-one will step up. Google still supports Chrome for Jessie, and will for some time, IIRC.

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