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LTS Activity report for May 2017

during May I worked 8 of the allocated 8 hours on LTS. During this time
I did the following:

- qemu-kvm: Release DLA 939-1 fixing 3 video related CVEs. The actual
  work for this was mostly done in April already.
- qemu-kvm: backport large parts of the 9pfs driver from qemu 2.8 to the
  wheezy version. In total I made three attempts: backporting the whole
  driver, backporting the individual fixes for the CVEs and finally
  backporting 9p-local.[ch] related changes ignoring driver model and
  virtio related changes (since the code changed too much in these
  areas). This last try did work out resulting in DLA 965-1 (fixing 5
  9pfs related changes).
- The first half of a LTS frontdesk week.
- Handling the xen related communication with credativ
- Testing the bind9 9.8.4.dfsg.P1-6+nmu2+deb7u16 packages prepared by
  Thorsten Altenholz

 -- Guido

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