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LTS report for May


This month I was allocated 24h and carried over 2h from the previous month.
I spent 23h doing the following:

- freetype: released update
- gnome-shell: triaged issue, no-dsa
- firefox-esr 52: updated patches for firefox 52esr on wheezy, investigated
issue with -fPIC. patches got merged
- firefox-esr regression: investigation regression reported on debian-lts@. Next
update to firefox 52 will fix it
- openjdk-7: released update. the builds now takes
- lrzip / lzip / lzo2: triaged issues
- kde4libs: released update
- potrace: triaged, no-dsa
- rzip: released update
- pngquant: released update. investigated another potential buffer overflow,
reported upstream at https://github.com/pornel/pngquant/issues/250
- exiv2: released update
- gajim: released update
- freeradius: prepared and tested update. called for testing
- libreoffice regression: reproduced regression reported with last update. Need
to investigate further.


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