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Re: Bug#858973: wheezy-pu: package ejabberd/2.1.10-4+deb7u2


17. April 2017, 00:20:43 Guido Günther wrote:
> I think the reason is that the N900s telepathy-gabble doesn't support
> any better than SSL 3.0 and that got disabled with the ejabberd
> update. Can you report that to the Maemo folks? Maybe they can enable it
> (they enabled it for other things like IMAP in the past).

My device already has several hardware defects and I do not want to invest the 
time to report on their bug tracker (I do not have an account) or check fixes 
with unreleased SSU packages. I only wanted to have it documented for others 
searching why it does not work.

Sorry for being seemingly uncooperative but it is really an old device ;)

best regards,

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