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LTS report for March


Last month I was allocated 14.75h and carried over 0.5h from the previous month.
I spent 11.75h doing the following:

- libice/libxdmcp/xorg-server: investigated and ended up marking all the
vulnerabilities as no-dsa.
- tzdata/libdatetime-timezone-perl: updated to tzdata 2017a.
- firefox-esr: updated to Firefox 45.8.0 ESR. I also looked at Firefox 52 ESR,
as 45 is soon to be end of life, and investigated and fixed some build issues.
Also tested the resulting package, which works fine.
- gdk-pixbuf: marked the issues as no-dsa.
- libvpx: backported one of the fixes. The other issue is harder to backport as
part of the code has been rewritten. I'm considering marking these issues as
no-dsa, but still investigating that.


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