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Update wheezy samba to 3.6.25?

LTS folks,

Based on Mathieu's comment related to the most recent samba patches not
applying cleanly to the version in wheezy, it seems that an update to
the latest upstream 3.6 release might be necessary.  That said, I have
looked at the diffstat between the version in wheezy (3.6.6) and 3.6.25,
the latest upstream release in that series.

The changes are rather substantial.  The diffstat finishes with this:

258 files changed, 8344 insertions(+), 3246 deletions(-)

Note that 1460 of the insertions are new lines in WHATSNEW.txt.

That said, I have some questions:

 - Is this something that is feasible?
 - What sort of testing would be required?
 - Does it makes sense to go ahead and start updating to 3.6.25?

If the patch provided by upstream is to apply cleanly, then Mathieu's
comment makes me think that updating to 3.6.25 is a necessary
precondition of utilizing that patch.  If that is the path to take, I
think it makes sense to package 3.6.25 and begin testing it, then once
the current regressions (#858564, #858590, and possibly another) are
resolved apply the final patch from upstream.

Another possibility would be to stick with 3.6.6. and attempt to
backport the patch.  I am not a samba developer and while I think I am
sufficiently capable to backport the patch, I am also concerned that I
may miss something.  Samba is sufficiently complex to make me prefer the
clean application of a patch from upstream.

Given that samba is a very widely used and rather important package, I
feel it prudent to solicit comments and suggestions on this.



Roberto C. Sánchez

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