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March report

Brian May <brian@linuxpenguins.xyz> writes:

This month I had 10 hours and I spent my 10 hours on the following

* mcollective: CVE-2016-2788: Attempt to isolate patch for security issue.
* zoneminder: Trying to indentify security fixes.
* web2py: identity upstream commits for 2 out of 3 CVES
* texlive-base: CVE-2016-10243: test build of texlive-base against wheezy
* texlive-base: CVE-2016-10243: Upload and send DLA
* Work out why security advisories not getting through to mailing list
  with no indication why. Was due to unsigned footer on email past signed details.
* web2py: CVE-2016-480{6,7,8}: Follow-up on previous upstream bug report.
* web2py: CVE-2016-480{6,7,8}: Try to back port fixes.
* web2py: CVE-2016-480{6,7,8}: Send email to Debian security team.
* libpodofo: Try to find security updates.
* calibre: CVE-2010-1028 CVE-2016-10187: Research security issues and apply patch.
* calibre: CVE-2016-10187: Test and make available fixed version for testing.
* calibre: CVE-2016-10187: Upload and security advice.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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