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LTS report for February


Last month I was allocated 13h. I spent 12.5h doing the following:

- openssl: released update
- libplist: some issues not reproducible, code changed a lot. gdb somehow can't load symbols - gave it back
- ntfs-3g: prepared and released update for CVE-2017-0358
- openjdk-7: backported newer version from experimental for recent security fixes
- gstreamer triaging: investigated which of the recent gstreamer CVEs affected gstreamer 0.10.
- gst-plugins-{base,good,ugly,bad}0.10: prepared and released gstreamer updates
- libice/libxdmcp/xorg-server: investigated recent vulnerabilities, marked as no-dsa.
- gdk-pixbuf: started to look at the recent vulnerabilities


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