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LTS report for January

This month I was allocated 13 hours and carried over 1.25 hours
from January.

I used 13 hours in which I worked on the following:

 * [DLA 824-1] libevent security update
   Fixed wheezy and also adopted the package and fixed jessie and
 * [DLA 838-1] shadow security update
 * [DLA 844-1] libquicktime security update
   Prepared fix for upstream and also fixed jessie and unstable
 * updated gen-DLA/gen-DSA script to parse CVEs, bugs, package name and
   version from .changes file to make DSA/DLA preparation less
   error-prone and more automated.
 * tested libreoffice's CVE-2017-3157 fix multiple ways, but it seems to
   be missing some parts thus the final fix will be released in March


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