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Re: Accepted openjdk-7 7u121-2.6.8-1~deb7u1 (source all amd64) into oldstable

On 27/01/17 22:18, Ola Lundqvist wrote:
> Hi Emilio
> I saw that you have uploaded a new openjdk-7 package. Were that
> package supposed to fix the current issues reported for openjdk-7 or
> was that corrections for earlier version?

It doesn't fix the latest round of CVEs.

> I'm asking because:
> 1) I have not seen the DLA. It seems to have gone missing.

afaics it's there:


> 2) I would like to know whether I should (re-)add the openjdk-7
> package to dla-needed.txt or not.

I did that. Still waiting for upstream to release the update.


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