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Re: Tools for testing LTS updates

On 2017-01-23 18:41:25, Bálint Réczey wrote:
[ratt: cool! though i am not sure when i should use that...?]

> The other tool I would love to use for LTS work is a private
> https://ci.debian.net/ installation for running autopkgtests or
> reverse dependencies.
> To make it happen I'm thinking about spending a few hours on creating
> a puppet module for it to automate installation in a VM. What do you
> think?

regarding ci... i am not sure how useful that would be for me. right
now, i just run a wheezy VM inside qemu and install stuff by hand in
there. since i need a clean VM every time, setting up the whole CI env
would seem to be a significant overhead, no?

besides, i expect the build process to run tests.. autopkgtest i usually
run by hand later, if at all - i am usually more concerned about testing
with the POC data from advisories...

but it would be great to have a more standard and, more importantly,
documented setup, as I have spent quite a bit of personal time finding
the right workflow for that kind of stuff here (which mostly revolves
around pdebuild, cowbuilder, vmdebootstrap and qemu right now).

i'd be happy to participate in such a documentation / standardization
effort in any case.


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