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Re: Qemu CVEs in Xen

Hi Raphaël,

> how far are you with the triaging?

I have triaged ~110 of the 160 CVEs (and have used all my assigned
hours for this task).

I'll continue to work on it during the week-end and will publish a
list containing the remaining to-be-triaged CVEs, so other contributors
can continue the work.

By the way, I have only determined whether Xen was affected, not whether
CVEs deserved a DLA. Some of the CVEs revealed by this triage work
should probably be tagged no-dsa. For instance, no-dsa issues in
QEMU should probably be tagged no-dsa in Xen, too.

> What's the status? I think we should ask credativ to start looking into
> the already identified CVE, no?

I think Guido intended to do it.


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