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LTS report for November

This month I was allocated 11 hours.

I used 11 hours in which I worked on the following:

 * Triaged kde-runtime's CVE-2016-7787 further and found that it can't
   cause problems on wheezy. As a fruit of the triaging I provided
   patch for kdesudo which is affected, too, in sid and jessie.
 * [DLA 707-1] sudo security update (CVE-2016-7032 and CVE-2016-7076)
   The preparation included fixing the fix for CVE-2016-7076, which
   caused a regression. The fix for the regression has been accepted by
   upstream an I also prepared a fixed package in the packaging
   repository for sudo's maintainer who can fix the vulnerability in
   sid easily now.
 * [DLA 708-1] mysql-5.5 security update (CVE-2016-5584, CVE-2016-7440)
 * [SECURITY] [DLA 710-1] akonadi update
   This adapted akonadi to mysql-5.5-s new behavior.
 * After digging into sendmail's potential vulnerability I marked it
   as no-dsa for Wheezy
 * [DLA 714-1] wireshark security update (4 CVE-s)


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