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Re: linux-image-3.2.0-4-486

On 11/04/2016 12:22 AM, Ben Hutchings wrote:

Ten days ago I upgraded one of my older PCs running wheezy from kernel
3.2.81-2 to 3.2.82-1 and soon after I realized that the system started
to "freeze" a couple of minutes after booting.

Does that happen while you are actively using the system, or while it
is idle?

That was happening in various situations (E.g. after booting when it came to the login GUI, or later after the login while it was idle, and even later while I was using the system). It changed from time to time, but in average the system was usable no longer than 0.5-1 hour or so.

In fact nothing else
could be done but pressing the reset button. After downgrading the
kernel back to 3.2.81-2 everything seemed back to normal. Any idea?

Does this system use a GUI or text console?  If it uses a GUI, please
try switching to a text console after booting as the kernel may be able
to log some error messages there.

It is a GUI. As said, there is no problematic kernel on the system now. I downgraded the kernel last Sunday or so. Now it is OK. When I switch to the text consoles there is nothing (only login prompts). However, it seems that I do have some logs from 22-29 Oct when I had the problem. Just let me know which one should contain error msgs (if any).


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