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LTS Report for October 2016

For October I had available 14.75 hours.  I spent them on the following

* ghostscript: CVE-2013-5653, CVE-2016-7976, CVE-2016-7977,
  CVE-2016-7978, CVE-2016-7979, CVE-2016-8602: I was able to use
  Salvatore's debdiff from the jessie security update to prepare the
  wheezy security update, which I uploaded and then announced
* ghostscript: evince/libspectre regression: A regression was reported
  in the updated ghostscript packages for jessie which also affected
  wheezy; I worked with Salvatore on testing the fix and then prepared,
  uploaded, and announced the regression fix
* imagemagick: multiple issues: I took over from Ben Hutchings who had
  previousy been working on this package; So far I have backported
  patches for 28 outstanding issues and identified 4 others which do not
  affect wheezy; I intend to complete this work and make an upload in



Roberto C. Sánchez

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