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possible fixes for CVE-2016-6321

Hi all,

(Debian maintainers, Debian security teams and upstream bug mailing list
in CC.)

I have added notes regarding the "/../" mismatch security issue in the
security tracker here:


Basically, there's a proof of concept here:


And a patch here:


The issue has been resolved only on Gentoo so far and there is some
controversy with upstream regarding whether this is a real
vulnerability. From my point of view, it's a significant risk that is
well outlined in the advisory, as there is a mismatch error (you
wouldn't expect the etc/motd pattern to extract etc/passwd). But I
understand why there could be a discussion about this.

After reviewing the above patch myself, I also wonder if it is the right
solution: it simply removes checks for /../ in paths and replaces that
with a "deferred error" which translates to the familiar "Exiting with
failure status due to previous errors" when tar exits. But the malicious
paths are still extracted. Instead of giving the tree:


...the patched version gives the following tree:


That is hardly satisfactory: a tar file with "etc/motd/../../etc/shadow"
would still overwrite the "./etc/shadow" file, I believe.

I strongly recommend *not* applying the patch given in the original
advisory as is: it just completely works around "/../" detection, and
upstream added that for a good reason.

I am not sure what the correct solution is. It seems to me this is a
typical input mismatch problem: you ask for "etc/motd" and get
"etc/shadow". ideally paths would be resolved before being matched,
which would work around the issue when asking for a specific path, but
not when extracting a whole archive...

The advisory suggests entries with "/../" could just be skipped. There
is no direct way to do this in the patched function: there is a
mechanism to process empty strings ('return "."')... but then this could
be abused to change the mode on "." when extracting. Yet it is
semantically pretty weird: this is designed for empty filenames, not for
skipping really.

Otherwise, we could just completely crash with a FATAL_EROR instead of

--- a/lib/paxnames.c
+++ b/lib/paxnames.c
@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@
 #include <system.h>
 #include <hash.h>
 #include <paxlib.h>
+#include <quotearg.h>
 /* Hash tables of strings.  */
@@ -114,7 +115,15 @@ safer_name_suffix (char const *file_name
       for (p = file_name + prefix_len; *p; )
           if (p[0] == '.' && p[1] == '.' && (ISSLASH (p[2]) || !p[2]))
-	    prefix_len = p + 2 - file_name;
+            {
+	      static char const *const diagnostic[] =
+	      {
+		N_("%s: Member name contains '..'"),
+		N_("%s: Hard link target contains '..'")
+	      };
+	      FATAL_ERROR ((0, 0, _(diagnostic[link_target]),
+                            quotearg_colon (file_name)));
+	    }

I would love to get more feedback on this patch. With the above, the POC

[1093]anarcat@angela:t$ ../debian/tar/bin/tar vfx ~/Downloads/tar-poc.tar etc/motd
../debian/tar/bin/tar: etc/motd/../etc/shadow: Member name contains '..'
../debian/tar/bin/tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
[1094]anarcat@angela:t2$ find

Not so great, but not vulnerable anymore. :)

Note that star skips such files "since 2003":


I couldn't figure out how to easily skip archive members reliably in
tar, unfortunately. I found about skip_member(), but I'm not sure where
to throw it in: it seems we could throw a loop in extract_archive(), but
there aren't any safety checks in there so far: everything seems to be
done by rewriting the path before extraction in tar, as far as I can
see, so I am hesitant in trying to change that.

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the rules but by people following the rules. It's people who follow
orders that drop bombs and massacre villages.
                        - Bansky

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