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Re: New DLA or resend with updated information. Advice needed.

Hi Roberto

Thanks for the quick response. This was my original thought but I was unsure as the regression description on https://wiki.debian.org/LTS/Development described the use a little differently (did not consider the case when the text was wrong).
Maybe that information should be updated? I'm not 100% sure what to write there though.

Best regards

// Ola

On 28 October 2016 at 22:57, Roberto C. Sánchez <roberto@connexer.com> wrote:
On Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 10:52:31PM +0200, Ola Lundqvist wrote:
>    Hi
>    I wrote wrong version in the DLA for the recent bash update. I wrote
>    the version in wheezy instead of the fixed version.
>    Should I create a new DLA-680-2 or shall I re-send DLA-680-1 with
>    updated revision information?
>    And the text for the DLA, shall I keep everything in it except for the
>    version update and the addition that this is an update of the earlier one,
>    or shall I just write that this is a correction of the older one and just
>    refer to the older?

I think resending DLA-680-1 would be potentially confusing.  Imagine
that you see two different advisories with two different texts but the
same advisory number.  I don't think that would be good from a user

I recommend sending DLA-680-2 with a title like "bash version number
correction".  Then for the text, I would start with a short paragraph
that explains that the original advisory was published with the wrong
version number, cite the correct version number, state that there are no
other changes aside from this version number correction, and then
include/repeat the original advisory text for the sake of completeness.



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