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Re: ImageMagick - marking issue as not affecting wheezy?

On 2016-10-28 07:53:39, Roberto C. Sánchez wrote:
> It appears to me that the upstream diff is ensuring that the allocated
> memory area is not too small, hence the change of "number_planes_filled"
> to "MagickMax(number_planes_filled,4)" in two places.  However, in the
> code currently in wheezy, "pixel_info_length" is already calculated to
> include the product of "MagickMax(number_planes,4)".  Based on this, it
> would seem that the ImageMagick in wheezy will not encounter the same
> RLE segfault that was addressed by the upstream commit.
> Based on this analysis (hi Raphael :-), I am inclined to consider wheezy
> unaffected by this.  Would anyone else out there care to look over this
> and agree/disagree with me?

I agree as well.


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