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Re: MySQL 5.5.53 update for Debian wheezy?

Hi Lars,

2016-10-27 18:07 GMT+02:00 Lars Tangvald <lars.tangvald@oracle.com>:
> ----- balint@balintreczey.hu wrote:
>> Hi Lars,
>> I noticed you have prepared the MySQL update for wheezy in git:
>> https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-mysql/mysql-5.5.git/log/?id=refs/heads/debian/wheezy
>> Would you like the LTS Team to perform the upload and issue the DLA
>> like in the previous case?
>> Thanks,
>> Balint
>>   on behalf of the Debian LTS team.
> Hi,
> I could have sworn I sent the debdiffs in to the security bug we filed for the update (#841050), but they're not there, so guess not. Sorry about that.
> Yes, please do the update. I've also attached the debdiffs again here.
> As noted in the bug discussion, CVE-2016-6662 is listed as fixed in 5.5.53 because an issue was found with the fix for another platform. For Linux it was fixed in 5.5.52
> Also note the behavior change to restrict import and export operations to /var/lib/mysql-files (unless users configure it differently).

Thank you.

I have added mysql to out TODO list and someone from the team will
update it soon.


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