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Re: status of tzdata packages in wheezy

Hi Erdem,

On 26/10/16 08:31, Erdem Bayer wrote:
> Hello
> As explained in debian bug 838781, Turkey choosed to change its DST policy and 
> will not be updating the time at the end of this month. IANA released two 
> updates about Turkey, 2016g and 2016h, these packages hit the stable repos 
> yerterday.
> As this update is very important for Turkish debian users, is it possible to 
> take the 2016h update to wheezy, or are tzdata packages unsupported by LTS?

It's very important to keep tzdata updated, but we failed to do so the last few
months. I am already looking at the updates (I have tzdata ready, still working
on libtimedate-timezone-perl) and will upload them ASAP (hopefully later today).

I will also keep an eye on them so we don't miss any updates in the future.


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