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LTS report for September

September was my fourth month as a debian-lts contributor. I was
allocated 12.25 hours in addition to the 7.25 hours not used in the
previous month.

I used 15 hours in which I worked on the following:

* Was responsible for LTS frontdesk for the first time triaging several
  security issues which I'm not listing here.
* Implemented database for packages whose maintainers let the LTS Team
  handle the LTS updates without contacting them and made
  bin/contact-maintainers script respect that.
* [DLA 616-1] curl security update (CVE-2016-7141)
* [DLA 632-1] wireshark security update (5 CVE-s)
* [DLA 636-1] firefox-esr security update (12 CVE-s)
* [DLA 636-2] firefox-esr regression update
  - The security upgrade broke the build on arm* which I corrected
    in this one. I also had a transient issue causing armel build
    failed but only on the official buildd.
* [DLA 643-1] chicken security update


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