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Re: boot problem after updating dropbear


On 26/09/16 20:24, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Andrew McGlashan wrote:
>> Before the update I could ssh to box, connecting with dropbear, and
>> unlock crypt volumes, then kill the askpass process to continue the boot.
>> After the update, the ssh session with dropbear is missing all sorts of
>> stuff; my aliases and other setup files aren't available.
> "All sorts of stuff" … ?  Can you elaborate? This would seem the key to
> diagnosing your issue and/or the regression here.

Well, I add a bunch of tools to make the busybox / dropbear environment
more useful to debug or manage things; the user profile has a bunch of
simple aliases that help the pre-boot environment setup like as follows:

alias db1='/sbin/cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/md0 md0_crypt'
alias db2='/sbin/cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/md1 md1_crypt'
alias db3='/sbin/cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/md2 md2_crypt'
alias db4='/sbin/cryptsetup status            md0_crypt'
alias db5='/sbin/cryptsetup status            md1_crypt'
alias db6='/sbin/cryptsetup status            md2_crypt'
alias db7='ps|grep askpass;echo kill -9 $(pidof askpass)'

If there is an mdadm issue, I can look at that before allowing the boot
to continue, perhaps adjust things or do some offline management; same
with any LVM issues.

# mdadm aliases
alias mdadm='/sbin/mdadm'
alias mdstat='cat /proc/mdstat'
alias md0='mdadm -D /dev/md0'
alias md1='mdadm -D /dev/md1'
alias md2='mdadm -D /dev/md2'

More aliases to help make quick and easy access to tools:

# /sbin/ binary aliases
for binary in badblocks blkid fdisk hdparm lvm parted
	alias $binary="/sbin/$binary"

# /usr/bin/ binary aliases
for binary in nohup pv screen tee vim who
	alias $binary="/usr/bin/$binary"

The verbose output of "update-initramfs -k all -u -v" doesn't help?  It
all looks good to me.  Can I do it with even more verboseness?  Would
that help?

De-constructing the created initrd file .... it doesn't have my
/root/.profile file nor other things that are expected.  All I get in
the initrd's root area is the .ssh directory and the authorized_keys
file -- I've got other things missing from the /etc/initramfs-tools/root
directory too.

What other information do you want me to provide?

Kind Regards

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